The Difference A Luxury Fabric Makes

Posted on 15. Dec, 2016 by in Uncategorized

This is something that we take very seriously.  Fine fabric is to a garment as fresh ingredients are to good food.  If you want the look, feel and performance, you just can’t cut corners on fabric.  For our woven shirts, we source the fabrics in two ways.  We design our own patterns and have them woven in Asia.  We specify the yarn types and sizes, the weave structures and yarn density and the finishing processes.  These fabrics are all exclusive to our brand and they are exceptionally high-quality and luxurious at a reasonable price.  We also buy from the very best European fabric mills, primarily in northern Italy.  We buy fabrics from Albini, Thomas Mason, Monti, Canclini and Profilo.  These aren’t household names, but they’re generally considered the finest weavers of cotton shirt fabrics in the world.  If you see a shirt for $395 or $795, you can be nearly certain that one of these mills produced the fabric.  We put everything we can into our shirts and we hope that you can tell and enjoy the difference.  I’m pretty sure that you can.

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