Spring Thoughts

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Even in Colorado it’s getting warm. It will be 60 here on Monday. We’re skiing the following week, so I hope it doesn’t get too warm, but it’s time to talk about what to wear and how to look good for spring.

  1. Wear a colorful shirt. Neckties (you remember them) used to be where we all showed some color in our wardrobes. Now the shirt is the focus and there are lots of colorful woven and knit shirts this season as well as classic ground colors with strong accent colors. We try to do them in a tasteful and fairly subtle way, but we throw in some very bright fun shirts as well.
  2. Make sure your Bermudas are long enough. Ours have a 10″ inseam, which we think is the correct length. Anything shorter than 9″ is not good and I personally want to leave the really long ones to the skateboarders and basketball players.
  3. Colored pants can be cool. Try something other than beige, khaki and toast. There are light blue pants, orange pants, yellow pants and the traditional dull yachting red pants. In the right situation, they’re great. These would include backyard parties, golf and casual daytime occasions, but would not include biker bars, board meetings or houses of worship. They’re fresh and young-looking. You can have fun wearing them and your square buddies can have fun ridiculing you. Do not, under any circumstances, wrap a cotton sweater over your shoulders.
  4. I’ve said it before, but buy a casual cotton blazer. You can get them from J. Crew, from us or from Brunello Cucinelli, depending on whether you want to pay $200, $600 or $1800 to look a bit more stylish. They really are useful. You’ll look very put together, but not over-dressed and you can pack all your stuff in the pockets.
  5. Buy a new cotton web belt. They’re very appropriate for what we’re talking about. You can buy one in an easy neutral color or you can throw on a bright one for fun.
  6. Tods Driving ShoeFind the right casual shoes. Deck shoes, simple white sneakers like Jack Purcells or soft drivers all work. I’m sorry as I know they must be comfortable, but the Merrell slip-ons are the recumbent bicycle of shoes, very low cool factor.
  7. Wear cool sunglasses when you need them. It’s that Steve McQueen thing again, but they’re good for your eyes and there are lots of nice ones out right now. I just bought a pair of horn rims from Warby Parker, which I love. Not quite as overt as Wayfarers, but still kind of retro-classic. Jasper has some nice ones as well
  8. Jasper SunglassesThe world is chock full of them, but pique polos are about as comfortable as anything you can wear on a hot day. There are plenty of polos made in the world from all sorts of places, but pick one that is made of Peruvian Pima cotton. There’s only one place on earth that has ELS – Extra Long Staple cotton and that’s in Peru. ELS gives pique polos their luxurious feel and natural breathability. They don’t stick to you when it’s hot and they will never, ever go out of style.
  9. 1973-Porsche-911-CarreraDo whatever it takes and go buy a vintage sports car. This is coming from the least objective point of view imaginable. Since I was twelve, I’ve thought about sports cars a few times a day. Porsches, Alfas, MGs, Jags, Ferraris and Corvettes are all loads fun. They also all break down, so buy the best one you can find and don’t get sore when they need some attention. It’s a life-affirming thing to drive around in something that’s as unique and entertaining as these things are. If the breaking down part doesn’t appeal to you, buy a really clean Porsche 911. If you take care of them, they never break. They’ve won most of the twenty four hour races in the world. If they held forty eight hour races, Porsche would win all of them.
  10. Or a sailboat.

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