Design Trip to Italy

Posted on 22. May, 2013 by in Lifestyle - General, Men's Fashion, Men's Accessories, Travel, Uncategorized

I got back from Italy recently and I’m happy to report that the food and wine are still very good. It’s a wonderful country in which to spend time and an inspiring place to develop new styles. My dear friend Sandra Santi lives in Prato, next to Florence. I’ve said it before, but Tuscan food, wine and culture are really special. I was there to put the finishing touches on our spring 2014 collection and I want to tell you a bit about what you can expect to see. There’s a sort of nautical theme going around. I don’t pay too much attention to trends and I’m not going to try to dress you up like sailors. The colors, however, are fresh and classic. Navy, Nantucket red, yellow, lime green and yellow will feature in this collection, but we’re naturally trying to do it in a subtle, wearable way.

tumblr_m6wu55fbmL1r9rnkno1_500We have reconnected with a former supplier in Naples, which is really the center of the universe for the best of the best in Italian tailoring. Bagnoli will be making our sport jackets for spring and they produce a garment that is distinctly Neapolitan and, I think, exceptional. There’s nothing like the lightness and softness of this jacket and we’re proud to be collaborating with these artisans. We also found a new item for us, certainly not new to the world, as Cary Grant was often seen wearing one, the knit necktie. There is one particular maker of this item in Italy without peer. They’re made in cotton, wool and even linen, but the classic and my favorite is silk. We’ll be offering it in solids, a range of polka dots and a casual two-bar stripe. This is the only tie that I feel is appropriate to wear without a jacket and it will be a fun addition to our spring offering.

imagesI have two casual restaurant recommendations that your concierge might fail to mention. Cipolla Rossa (Red Onion) in Florence and Casa Gori in Prato. They are small and busy and serve typical Tuscan food. I look forward to going back to both of them and I look forward to having you see this collection when it arrives.

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