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Most of us travel for business now and then and, sometimes, it’s inconvenient to bring a large bag.  If I want to carry on or, if I’m going to be on European trains, one small bag and a briefcase or shoulder bag are about all I want to deal with.  Here is my list of must haves on a week-long or shorter business trip.

1.     Navy suit

2.     Grey lightweight wool trousers

3.     Tan cotton pants

4.     Denim jeans

5.     Mid-brown dressier loafers (dark brown is fine)

6.     Mid-brown belt

7.     Dressy tie (usually dark brown with blue)

8.     Solid color silk knit tie

9.     White dress shirt

10.  Blue and white striped dress shirt

11.  White ground checked shirt with blue and brown

12.  Lightweight navy or gray v neck sweater

13.  Packable nylon single breasted raincoat

14.  Navy and tan socks

15.  Cotton tee shirt

16.  Appropriate number of boxers or briefs (one per day according to my mom)

This should give you a lot of different wardrobe combinations.  You can wear the navy suit jacket with any of the pants.  You can wear the sweater on a cool night and the raincoat works with a suit or a casual outfit.  If you can jam a pair of casual driving shoes in, they’ll work a bit better with the jeans, but shoes take more space than anything else, so keep it to one or two pairs.  You can wear about a fourth of this on the plane, so the balance will take up very little space.  You can add to this as space allows, but this will handily get you through a week.

On the plane, I carry a few things that make a long flight more enjoyable:

1.     Bucky brand neck pillow and eye shade (the best, in my opinion)

2.     Bose headphones (they eliminate the drone that can really wear on you after four plus hours)

3.     IPod with my favorite music

4.     IPad mini for movies

5.     Reading glasses (I’m nearly to the point that I can’t find my reading glasses without my reading glasses)

6.     Two bottles of water (avoiding even mild dehydrations does wonders for jet lag)

7.     One fiction and one non-fiction book

8.     Two-four  CLIF Bars (airline food…)

These few essentials really help me get comfortable on the plane and feel more relaxed when I arrive.  They’re not all necessary on a three hour flight, but long flights are not much fun if you can’t get comfortable, entertain yourself and catch a bit of sleep.  Safe and pleasant travels.

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