Fun weekend in Austin

Posted on 10. Feb, 2010 by in Travel

My wife Tonya and I just spent four days in Austin, Texas and really had a good time.  We had never been there and had always heard what a great town it is.  Tonya had entered the 3M Half Marathon, so I decided to go with her.

We stayed at the Driskill Hotel (, which is an old downtown Austin landmark built in 1886 by a cattle baron.  It was renovated four years ago and has a real authentic Texas flavor.

Besides wanting to be a supporting husband, I had another reason to visit Austin.  Classic Jaguar, is one of the best Jaguar restoration facilities in the country and they’re in the middle of restoring a 1964 E type convertible for me.  Calling it the middle is probably looking on the bright side, as it currently looks like eight or ten piles of unidentifiable parts alongside a stripped body shell and a shiny, rebuilt motor.  I’ve wanted one of these cars since I was about eleven and, of course, I bought this one in the old economy.  Dan Mooney, the owner of Classic Jaguar, was nice enough to explain to Tonya what sensible investments old rusty sports cars are and how simple and inexpensive they are to make brand new again.  If you ever want to do something this irresponsible, these guys are true craftsmen and are a pleasure to deal with.

On Friday night we went to Manuel’s, a sort of hip (at least hip enough for me) Southwestern restaurant with endless varieties of margaritas.  The young Austin crowd was there waiting for the new Apple IPad to be released.

Our brand is sold in two very nice Austin specialty stores, Texas Clothier and Hutson Clothing, so we visited both stores on Saturday. If you live in Austin or are visiting and need some nice things to wear, you can find them at these terrific retailers.  For directions go to and/or

My navigational skills leave something to be desired and it seems like most major thoroughfares in Austin have at least two names, so we got lost a lot, but saw more of the city as a result.  We strolled around south Congress Street (SoCo) in the afternoon.  This is a funky little neighborhood, with a combination of tatoo parlors, young clothing stores and good places to eat.  We had lunch at Enoteca, which we wish would open in Fort Collins.  We saw some live music at Antone’s, on Saturday night, one of the better known of countless live music venues in Austin (

Tonya’s race was on Sunday morning and she finished 13th of 458 in the 35-39 women’s group.  She turns forty in two weeks and is actually excited about it as she’ll no longer have to compete against the 35 year olds.  That afternoon we drove around the west side of town, which is hilly and very pretty.  We’re really hoping to go back sometime soon.  Tonya will want to run the race again next year and I’ll be curious to see if my car has begun to look like a car.  We really recommend Austin for a short getaway.

3 Responses to “Fun weekend in Austin”

  1. margaret dooley - hansen

    20. Feb, 2010

    Someone mentioned that you were originally from DeWitt, Iowa….. Is that correct? My mother’s family was from DeWitt and the last name was Walker. Walker’s department store and the Iowa Mutual Insurance Company.

    My husband has worn your shirts for many years and they are his favorite brand, style and fabrics are the best.

    Margaret Dooley Hansen
    Burlington, Iowa

  2. Scott Barber

    20. Feb, 2010

    I actually grew up in Wellman, Iowa, a small town southwest of Iowa City. I get back to Iowa with my family a couple times a year to visit my parents and my sister, who now live in Iowas City. We enjoy Colorado very much, but we love to visit Iowa and my six year old daughter Amanda insists that she’s going to go to college in Iowa.

    Scott Barber

  3. Hal Peterson

    16. May, 2012


    I grew up in Denver and graduated from CSU in 1985. After two years in Seattle, I moved to Austin in 1989. Let me know the next time you are in town. I would enjoy meeting you. I have a closet full of Scott Barber shirts. Keep up the good work.

    Hal Peterson
    Austin, TX