Scott's son Charlie practices Archery

The Sport of Kings

Posted on 18. May, 2012 by in Sports

I understand that archery is becoming more popular as of late, mostly as a result of “The Hunger Games”, in which the heroine uses a bow and arrow. I haven’t read any of the books or seen the film, so I can’t give them credit. My family has gotten interested in this activity recently, but, in our case, it’s because of my son Charlie’s love of old Errol Flynn movies. We watch “Robin Hood” about twice a month and Charlie has loved playing around with toy bows and arrows for years. He turned seven last week and got his first serious bow for his birthday. I learned to shoot at summer camp when I was about ten, but never really took it up. Now we go to a local indoor archery range and are learning to shoot together. My daughter Amanda, who is a year and a half older, seems to like it almost as much as Charlie. It really gets under your skin as you always feel like you can do better with the next flight of arrows. The occasional bull’s-eye really keeps you going. It’s also a bit like golf in that it’s just you and the target- though it’s much easier to become reasonably adept at it. In any case, you can’t help but focus on what you’re doing, which is the best way to forget about everything else and relax.

This is going to be the summer during which our kids get better at sports, or at least my wife and I have this as our goal. We have a few acres, so we’re trying to make it a fun place to keep them outside and active. I just ordered two targets and stands so that we can shoot at home. A friend of mine asked me what I was going to give Tonya for Mother’s Day and I told him, “a new baseball glove and a recurve bow.” He asked if she wanted a bow and I said, “Not that I know of.”, but I hope she has fun with us in the backyard. Amanda has one on the way as she was a bit annoyed that her little brother got his before she did. It’s good for the kids because it’s not a free for all and requires some rules and discipline to do it safely. They also really improve quickly and feel a sense of accomplishment.

We bought recurve bows as I don’t love the looks of the compound style and associate it more with hunting than target shooting, although that’s not correct. I bought a Bear Super Kodiak and I bought Samick Polaris bows for the kid’s and a Samick Red Stag one-piece for Tonya. Between targets, bows, quivers, etc. I’ve ordered things from, and They’ve all been helpful with their advice and they all carry nice products. If you have a local range, you might think about going there on a weekend and giving it a try.

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