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Most of us would like to be in a bit better shape. I live in Colorado, which ranks pretty high in fitness, so I’m constantly exposed to people running, hiking, biking and working out. Don’t they have jobs or families? Probably, but they find the time and the motivation to work out regularly. My wife is a pretty competitive runner and she often comments that she’s the fastest mom. She thinks that a lot of her competitors have to take care of a couple of plants or maybe a cat, so they can put in sixty miles a week without a problem. I’m busy working, but I certainly have time to exercise as much as I need to. But, I get lazy about it.

I hired a personal trainer at our gym. I work out with him twice a week. Having the appointment and paying for it whether I show up or not is enough to get me there. I don’t go to the gym otherwise. I have some exercise equipment at my office, which makes it pretty easy and quick to use. I have a treadmill, an elliptical machine, a spinning bike and my favorite, a Skier’s Edge. The spinning bike is like watching paint dry. For me, nothing could make time pass more slowly than being on this thing besides the fact that the seat hurts where you don’t want it to hurt. The treadmill is good, but I’ve got an Achilles injury right now, so running is out. I like the elliptical and forty five minutes goes by pretty quickly. It’s pretty good for getting into skiing shape and you can get your heart rate into the appropriate range and keep it there.

As to getting ready for ski season, I have discovered the perfect device. The Skier’s Edge is a fabulous machine for this purpose. It really mimics the skiing motion and works exactly the right muscles. A few years ago, for the first time, I started noticing that my wife was waiting for me to catch up to her on the slopes. This won’t do. I bought this machine and used it religiously for about a half hour five days a week. She couldn’t keep up with me no matter what kind of run we were on. The year after, I didn’t do it enough and she was back ahead. This is great exercise even if you’re not a skier, but I doubt many non-skiers own them.

In any case, the data shows that about forty five minutes of good cardio exercise five to six days a week gives tremendous benefits, especially as you reach your mid-fifties. There is a great book called “Younger Next Year”. It’s co-written by an internist/gerontologist his wise acre attorney patient. They alternate chapters going from the scientific view and data to the lawyer’s personal experiences with the program. It’s entertaining and enlightening. Living long, but especially living well seems to be very connected to consistent exercise. Good luck with whatever you choose to do or are presently doing. Keep up the good work.

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