Sports Car Season

Posted on 24. Jun, 2013 by in Lifestyle - General, Sports

It’s almost eighty here today, so it’s time to take a couple of old cars out of mothballs. I love to ski, but almost everything else I enjoy goes best with warm weather. One of the things I like best of all is driving sports cars. Next comes looking at them, reading about them and talking about them with my buddies, most of whom are gearheads. I like sailing, but it’s hard to do it very often. It’s a lot of work and Colorado isn’t famous for its great sailing, but it’s great for cars and motorcycles. Hopping in a special car and going to the grocery store is a fun way to spend a half hour. Going on a trip of some distance in one is a rare treat, especially if you only break down a reasonable number of times. There are lots of fun sports cars, new and old and at every price. I’ve compiled a list of a baker’s dozen of my favorites. These are all able to be driven on the street, but most of them will never see the inside of my garage based on their value. Buying almost any one of these thirty years ago would have been a really good idea. I only put one car from any marque on the list to keep it somewhat concise. The newest car of them is twenty five years old as I’m more interested in the old ones. Here you go, in no particular order – just click on this link to view a Look Book of my all time favorites:

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