Attending the Iowa/Penn State Game With A Legend.

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Scott Barber and Bump Elliott attending the Hawkeyes game.

Tonya and I went back to Iowa City with our kids a couple of weeks ago to visit my parents and my sister. I hadn’t thought much about going to the football game until I was invited to sit with Bump Elliott in his box. Bump is a close friend of my dad and was the athletic director at Iowa from 1970 through 1991. Bump played football, basketball and baseball for Purdue before serving in the Marines in WWII. He started at halfback for Michigan after the war while his younger brother Pete was the starting quarterback. His 1947 Michigan team made ESPN’s list of the top ten college teams of all time at number six. They were called the “Mad Magicians” and are said to have had the trickiest offense of any team up to that time. In 1948 they beat USC in the Rose Bowl by a score of 49-0. Penn State trounced us on Saturday night, but it was great fun spending time with Bump. He’s 87 and looks 75 and is just a true gentleman and a fun guy to be around. I always look forward to seeing Bump when I’m in Iowa City. He, along with my dad, reinforces my belief in the “Greatest Generation” theory about these guys. They accomplished so much at such young ages and did so much for our country, but they refuse to let on that they’re anything special at all. Quite something.

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One Response to “Attending the Iowa/Penn State Game With A Legend.”

  1. Lyle Wedemeyer

    08. Nov, 2012

    Scott, it truly was the “Greatest Generation”. Thanks for sharing this story. We need to appreciate this generation as much as we can and keep learning from their examples.