Top Casual Shoe Picks For Fall

Posted on 18. Nov, 2016 by in Men's Fashion, Men's Accessories

They say that clothes make the man.  Let’s all hope that this isn’t true, but being well-dressed is still a good thing.  Wearing the right shoes really separates the men from the boys when it comes to demonstrating one’s wardrobe acumen.  Here are a few current, but classic styles that I like for this fall season.

The double monk strap.  This is a pretty dapper and, normally, dressy shoe.  There are more casual suede versions, but, in a normal calfskin leather, this is meant to wear with a suit or at least a jacket and trousers.  English in origin and not new, it is particularly popular right now.   fall-shoe-double-monk-strap.REDUC





 The desert boot. This is one of my very favorites.  I strongly prefer it in suede, but you’ll also see it in calf.  With a lug or crepe sole, it’s pretty casual.  With a leather sole, it’s still tweedy and not overly dressy, but very refined.  








 The Chelsea boot. Sometimes called a “Romeo” (too goofy a name for me), this is a low slip on boot with elastic gussets on both sides.  Also made in very casual and quite dressy styles, this is a cool and comfortable boot.


fall shoe-casual Chelsea fall-shoe-chelsea-boot.REDUC

 The classic penny loafer. This has to be made the right way for me to have any interest in it.  The old hand sewn penny is just too stodgy to get excited about.  Alden makes a great one as do the best English and Italian makers.  They convey an effortless style and an indifference to silly trends.  Always great. 







 The driver moccasin. This can be a penny loafer, a Venetian loafer (like a penny without the strap) or a moccasin with a leather tie like a boat shoe.  Very relaxed with a trim cotton pant.  Not quite office appropriate in my mind.  More for the guy who does whatever he feels like doing while everyone else is at the office. 

fall shoe-Tod's driver





 The field boot. This style became very popular three or four years ago.  A buddy of mine referred to this trend as the “lumbersexual” look, a takeoff on the term metrosexual and connoting the plaid shirt, quilted vest work boot style.  It turned out to be better on Neil Young than most of the rest of us, but the right somewhat rugged lace eight inch boot is still an icon.  Strictly casual.  










 The suede wing tip. This can be a very classy dress shoe, but I’m thinking of the new chunkier casual sort.  Very nice in cognac or dark brown, it’s also being shown in grey and navy.  Navy shoes are a touch too cute for me, but it could be worse. 









 New style trainers. I don’t know if I can defend these as stylish, but I live in a very casual town and I do wear these with jeans when I’m slumming or for long drives when comfort is the only thing that matters.  Still, some of the new ones are pretty cool, usually solid color (for me, black) with cushy white rounded soles that look like marshmallows.  

fall shoe-new trainer

Finally, three things to avoid:

  1. Square toes of any kind. 
  2. Sloppy cotton canvas slip on loafers.
  3. “Active moc”

These last three styles telegraphic that you’re an unstylish guy. Square toes are long gone.  The canvas loafer is the footwear equivalent of the recumbent bicycle on the coolness scale and the active moc is just throwing in the towel completely on looking sharp.  There are too many cool shoes to ever resort to any of these.

 fall-shoe-active-moc.small fall-shoe-canvas-loafer_small fall-shoe-square-toe.small



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