The Benefits of Tobacco

Posted on 10. Dec, 2014 by in Men's Fashion

TOBACCO-JEANWhile it’s pretty widely accepted that setting it on fire and inhaling isn’t such a good idea, tobacco is a great fall wardrobe color. I happen to think it’s a nearly perfect pant color for this time of year. We’ve all worn khakis forever and this is just a darker alternative. It fits between saddle tan and brown and it has a bit of a subtle gold tint to it, darker than a grocery sack and livelier than chocolate milk. It looks good with pastel shirts like light blue, lavender and pink. It goes especially well with navy, black and mid to dark gray. We feature it in all of our fall pants and most of our casual sport jackets. Don’t wear a tobacco jacket with tan or brown pants, but it’s nice with gray, black or navy and perfect with blue jeans. Stay away from the Lucky Strikes, but keep tobacco in mind.  

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