The 11th Commandment

Posted on 20. Jan, 2015 by in Men's Fashion

Thou shalt never button the bottom button of a suit or sport jacket.

Keep an eye peeled. You’ll see men all over the place breaking this rule. I see actors, politicians and national newscasters breaking this rule. Please trust me on this one. The origin of the rule is more than obscure, but my guess is that riding a horse works a lot better with your bottom jacket button unbuttoned. It’s certain that a jacket hangs much more gracefully. Try to find one photo of Cary Grant, Gary Cooper or George Clooney with his bottom button buttoned. You’ll start to notice this when you see it. I hope it doesn’t bug you as much as it does me. Getting irritated at something as insignificant as this is my cross to bear, but it’s probably not doing me any good.

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