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Spring ’17 Key Colors

Posted on 02. Mar, 2017 by in Men's Fashion

I try to pay attention to what the major color forecasters have to say. Sometimes it’s more useful than others. The color palette we offer evolves from season to season and our customers are eager to see something new and fresh. At the same time, they are markedly more fond of certain colors than others. Blue looks good on everyone (you just can’t miss with navy) and we always sell the right shade of red. Here is a list of some important colors for the current spring season. Some of them we feature strongly and some are in the collection only here and there, but I think it’s interesting to see the particular shades that the forecasters came up with(from where I’ll never know).

denim blue

Denim Blue

This is fairly dark and not very saturated, lighter and duller than navy. Not as crisp as true navy, but a nice alternative, particularly in pants and Bermudas, but also knits and sweaters.

soft red

Soft Red

This is lighter and less intense than something like Alabama red. It has a more summery feel to it and works well with most men’s skin tones. Not as washed out as Breton or Nantucket red, this is great for woven shirts and knits.

French blue

French Blue

This can range from a fairly strong iris blue to a softer deep Caribbean blue. I prefer the latter as it’s just a bit easier on the eyes. Again, sort of the difference in a good sports team color and a color you’ll wear every day.

Apple Green

Apple Green

This is a light, fairly strong yellowish green. It’s an upbeat, smart color until it gets too strong and fluorescent. It’s nice for woven shirts, knits and sweaters. If it’s dull enough, it makes a good Bermuda short color.



I like this color best if it has a bit more blue than red and if it’s a light to mid-tone. Too dark and it just becomes purple and too much. The right shade is a good alternative to light blue and it’s something less predictable.

coral orange

Coral Orange

This is a soft tangerine sort of color. It doesn’t lean toward yellow, which I would call signal or flame orange. This is easier to wear and easier to look at.

sky blue

Sky Blue

Another excuse to wear blue, this is on the quite light side. It has to have enough color saturation or it can get dull and grey. Sand color pants, a sky blue polo and some driving shoes and you’ll look born to it and better than most everyone else.

primrose yellow

Primrose Yellow

This is a soft yellow that is much easier to wear than a stronger version. It also happens to be the color name that Jaguar used for their E type, which is good enough for me. It’s a great color for almost anything, woven shirts, knits, sweaters, Bermudas and even pants.

Spring is still about varying the colors in your wardrobe and it’s the season to be a bit more casual and light-hearted with what you wear. I don’t like to look like a bunch of Easter eggs, so I usually limit myself to one colorful piece at a time. If I wear a coral orange polo shirt, you can be sure I won’t be wearing lavender pants with it.

Have a great spring!

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