Seven Fashion Tips for Fall

Posted on 29. Aug, 2011 by in Men's Fashion

  1. Dressing well casually. In our increasingly casual world, you don’t want to be overdressed, but you want to be well-dressed. Buy premium brands. If you wear $1200-$2000 suits, don’t buy $60.00 khakis. The differences in look, fit and quality are obvious.
  2. Try a new washed soft sport jacket. It will look much more appropriate with jeans or casual cotton pants and a ritzy woven shirt than a typical, tailored jacket.
  3. Garment washing and special dyeing processes are a big deal for this fall season. The Italians are particularly adept at this. You’ll see pants, sweaters, shirts and knits that are dyed in a non-colorfast way and then washed. This gives them a very relaxed, weathered look. The trick is that the quality of the materials and the level of construction still set the garment apart from something ordinary.
  4. Layering. Good jeans with a woven shirt, zip mock sweater and soft sport jacket really give you a great look and some options for fall days with significant temperature swings.
  5. Mid-weight outerwear. Great fall jackets will be abundant this season. Quilted riding jackets, military and hunting inspired field jackets, classic short jackets and dressier car coats in shorter lengths are useful and stylish. It’s natural to hang to an old piece of outerwear that still works, but the new styles and silhouettes will bring you up to date.
  6. Accessorize (and I don’t mean jewelry or man purses). Buy a new belt as there are some great new looks and casual finishes that go perfectly with the fashion trends described above. Keep it clean and simple. D-ring belts are a new, but classic look for jeans.
  7. Boots are cool, but be careful. I have always liked ankle height chukkas and you’ll see a lot of them. Adaptations of eight to ten inch upland hunting boots are around, mostly directed toward the twenty-somethings. You have to be watch out here as they really are casual and look a lot better with some miles on them. I’m going to buy a pair and wear them with jeans and washed chinos. If I feel like Elmer Fudd in them, I’ll save them for trap shooting and they’ll last for the rest of my life.

Fall is the perfect time of year for men who like to dress well. The colors are rich. The materials are beautiful and dimensional and, to me, everything seems more worth the money. It’s been 95 degrees lately in Colorado, so I’m ready for the change of seasons. Have a great fall.


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