Pitching a Fit

Posted on 29. Aug, 2016 by in Lifestyle - General, Men's Fashion


You must have noticed the great variety in fit silhouettes lately. Some young men are wearing very slim pants along with short, tight suit and sport jackets. Quite a number of more mature men are hanging in there with pleated pants and longer, fuller jackets.

We’re in between these two extremes. Our clothes are trimmer than they were a number of years ago and we want you to look current and stylish. But, we also want you to look natural and comfortable in your clothes.

We use cotton pant fabrics with stretch to make sure that the trimmer shape still feels relaxed. The trimmest silhouettes only look good on very thin men. You don’t have to be heavy. If you’re simply muscular, these clothes look too tight. My advice is to move with the times, but trust your instincts. If it looks trim, great. If it feels tight, it looks tight.

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