Picking the right shoe for spring/summer

Posted on 21. Jun, 2012 by in Men's Fashion

Someone said, “Clothes make the man.” I couldn’t disagree more, but clothes do make the man look his best. The right shoes complete the outfit and proper, handsome shoes are the mark of a well-dressed man. It’s not surprising that women pay attention to the shoes you’re wearing, so there’s a bit more to this than you might think. Here are a few styles that I recommend for the spring/summer season.

1. Driver. This is the perfect shoe with a lightweight cotton pant, a polo shirt and a web belt. A very summer on the Riviera look, but easy to pull off.

2. Updated penny loafer. This doesn’t have much in common with the classic Bass Weejun, but it’s a very wearable style, a melding of the classic penny loafer with a modern driving shoe sole. This is able to go slightly dressier than the other styles here and is perfect for linen blend pants and a soft sport jacket.

3. Suede buck. These have a more specific look and may be too preppy for some of you. They have, however, made a very strong resurgence recently, to include some interesting color combinations, like gray with yellow soles. I’m a bit less playful than that, but I just bought a new pair of classic dirty bucks with orange soles.

4. Classic canvas sneaker. This is a great shoe with Bermudas and shows a lot more style than a modern sneaker. Superga, Tretorn and Jack Purcell all fall into this category.

5. Classic boat shoe. Classic Top-Siders bespeak the old money New England lifestyle. Now they come in lots of colors and my favorite is the classic brown with a new broken-in finish.

6. Leather flip flop. Unless you’re at the pool or beach, this is the most casual shoe you need to wear with a presentable outfit. The ones I’m referring to don’t have a beer bottle opener in the sole, so you’ll have to open your beer in the conventional way.

These aren’t new styles, but, for me, classic icons trump everything else. Most of us are dressing more casually these days. Wearing shoes that aren’t casual enough for your outfit is just as bad as wearing shoes that are too casual. Howie Mandel may think Converse All-Stars look great with a tux, but he’s mistaken.

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