Making A Linen Shirt Better

Posted on 19. Aug, 2014 by in Men's Fashion

Cotton Linen blend men's shirts

Cotton/linen shirts offer the best of both worlds: the comfort of cotton and breathability of linen, without the wrinkles.


We’ve always offered linen shirts in the spring and summer season.  There’s nothing more comfortable on a hot, humid day than a linen shirt.  There’s also not much that can look more wrinkled than a 100% linen shirt.  For this summer, we’ve blended linen and cotton to get the look and breathability of linen, but to put a bit of the practicality and performance of the cotton back into the shirt.  It makes for a great compromise.  You get the seasonal texture that the uneven linen yarns give to the fabric, but the fabric isn’t so stiff that you look like you’ve slept in it in the rain.  As much as year round fabrics mean in today’s air conditioned world, we still love the look of seasonal fabrics, things that you put away and look forward to wearing again when the weather changes.

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