Is Navy the New Black?

Posted on 20. Aug, 2012 by in Lifestyle - General, Men's Fashion

Navy is in the fashion news as an important color for this and upcoming seasons. In answer to the above question, I would say, “No, it’s the old black.” When I started selling better men’s wear in college, black, aside from shoes and belts, hardly existed in the classic stores. Navy and charcoal gray have always been important, but until twenty years ago, black was considered to be a bit slick and strong for the way we liked to dress. Black has always been an important color in women’s wear and got a strong foothold among men about twenty years ago. Soon, it was considered to be the more progressive, fashion color and navy became a little bit old hat. Black is flattering and we sell a lot of black ground shirts, black sweaters, blazers and outerwear. Navy, however, is the most flattering color that exists. Just look at a flag blue hulled sailing yacht and tell me it isn’t beautiful. Show up in a well-tailored dark navy suit and people will tell you how great you look and ask you if you’ve lost weight. Some people consider very dark navy to be the best color for a tuxedo as it actually looks darker than black. I’ve never owned a black suit in my life and I’m sure I never will, though I have nothing against them. When my favorite navy suit needs to be replaced, I don’t hesitate. I like compliments as much as the next guy. It’s a great blazer color, obviously, and equally good for outerwear, both dressy and casual. A navy blue v neck sweater goes with almost anything and has that easy, old money look. I used to shy away from navy pants and I still don’t wear navy wool pants, but it’s a great color in the new washed chino styles and looks fresh with the bright colored shirts that are prevalent right now. Don’t consider it the new black or the new anything. It’s just the color that is always in style and always makes you look good.

Daniel Craig 
Daniel Craig in an exquisite navy suit.


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