Be Stylish and Comfortable

Posted on 30. Apr, 2010 by in Men's Fashion

You’ve probably noticed that styles have gotten trimmer over the past couple of years.   While most of us are classic dressers, we know that things change.  My personal clothes don’t fit exactly the same as they did five years ago and I like the slightly trimmer look.  There is, however, a limit for most of us and that limit is being tested by some of the current styles.  Men who wear our clothes value comfort and a relaxed fit is what they want.  They’ve been shown new styles by some brands that they simply don’t feel comfortable wearing.

We want our customers to look well-dressed and current, so part of that is updating our silhouettes.  I never forget that one of the hallmarks of our brand has always been comfort, so I’m very careful about drastic changes.  Our customers enjoy well-made, flattering clothes, but they’re much more interested in being well-dressed than in following fashion trends.  We’re devoted to our customers and we want to give them what they want, not to talk them into something.  Our clothes are made to last and are expensive enough that the look and fit shouldn’t change every season.


An example of how we balance look and feel

Jeans are a good example of what we try to achieve when we develop a new garment.  When we started the jean project, we wanted to make a jean for our customer that would be flattering and comfortable to wear.  We knew the world didn’t need another modern, fashion jean, least of all from us.  We also knew that our customer didn’t want to look out of date in his jeans.  We spent a couple of  years working on the jean, making prototypes in a number of different places until we got what we wanted.  Our jean isn’t for everyone any more than our brand is for everyone, but our goal was to make a jean for you, our customer.

My point is that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort in favor of style and you shouldn’t be talked into doing so.  Shop in the stores in which you’re most comfortable, take advice from the knowledgeable people there.  Trust your own instincts as well.  The best dressed men look natural and comfortable in their clothes.  Thanks for letting us help you to be one of them.

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2 Responses to “Be Stylish and Comfortable”

  1. Kirk Bane

    30. Apr, 2010

    Everything from Scott Barber has been comfortable…..great clothing!

  2. Tim O'Hara

    03. Jun, 2010

    Far and away the most comfortable clothes I own