12 Tips on Casual Styles for Spring

Posted on 17. Apr, 2011 by in Men's Fashion

It’s time to dress comfortably and casually for spring. Here are a few suggestions on how to look stylish and current while doing so.

1. Brighten up. Stores are showing a lot of new fresh colors. Spend a bit of time picking those that flatter you. You’ll look fresh and seasonal in light blue, soft red, coral, apple green and lavender

2. Slim and trim. Don’t wear your clothes too tight, but embrace the moderate versions of the new silhouettes. You’ll look up-to-date and younger. (Or at least up-to-date).

3. The world is flat–lose the pleats. For casual pants, go flat front all the way. They really are the current style but they’re also quintessentially classic. You probably wear jeans, so don’t tell me you can’t be comfortable in well-designed flat front pants. Your wife will love the look.

4. Give me a break (just make it a very small one). Be careful to not wear your pants too long. With the trimmer styles that are popular right now it just doesn’t work. High waters aren’t good, but a slight break between the cuff of the pants and your shoes is the right look.

5. So long Roy Rogers. Get rid of the cowboy belt right now. Go for something simple and clean. It should be an inch or just slightly wider and an approximate match to your shoes.

Photo Credit: twm1340 via FlickR Creative Commons

6. Don’t embellish. You didn’t see Cary Grant walking around with a dragon embroidered on his shirt, so please don’t do it yourself. Styles are cleaning up and overly showy styles are over. Less is more. It’s best if someone has to be within twenty feet of you to notice what you’re wearing.

7. Get the blues. Navy blue is the most flattering color out there. People will ask if you’ve lost weight when you’re wearing navy. I don’t like it so much for pants but it’s great for anything else (not including shoes). Any attractive shade of blue looks great on most people, so you really can’t go wrong. A light to mid-blue checked or striped shirt and a pair of sand colored pants will give you that “Where did I park my Aston Martin?” look.

8. Look down. Do you see nice shoes? You should. Shoes are an important part of your complete look and they shouldn’t have Pilgrim-style square toes. Shades of mid-tan work really well in the spring and summer. Penny loafers with driving soles are also very nice.

Photo Credit: Cole Haan Air Aiden Casual Camp Moc

9. Jacket required. When you really want to look like you know how to dress, put on a casual soft blazer. It won’t have much of a shoulder and it won’t look perfectly pressed, but it will add that “Je ne sais quoi” to your look.

10. Watch yourself. This is strictly optional, but a nice Swiss watch is the best men’s accessory and the only jewelry other than a wedding ring that you should be wearing. A classic chronograph with a black or tan leather strap is perfect and they’re not all an arm-and-a-leg. Just make sure it’s mechanical.

11. Sweater weather. If it’s too hot, it’s too hot. But, early in the season, and on cool nights, throw on a fine gauge cotton sweater. A solid V-neck or pullover zip mock will bespeak effortless style.

12. Five Pocket Stud. Jeans are an icon of American style. Try a non-denim version in cotton twill or canvas. A famous photo of Paul Newman from the early 60s shows him wearing a beige pair. That should be good enough to convince you that they’re cool.

Enjoy the spring season in style.

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