Cool Shades

Posted on 21. Jun, 2012 by in Men's Accessories

Women love to accessorize and they have endless options. Men don’t love to accessorize and it’s a good thing. Unless you wear French cuffed shirts or eyeglasses, I think watches, belts and sunglasses are about as far as men should go. I’ll cover the other two later, but it’s summertime and you need the right shades. Here are a few of my favorites:

Aviators – Gregory Peck wore aviators and my dad still has his pair from World War II. They’re about as classic and masculine as it gets, and they’re very popular right now.

Classic European tortoise shell – If you’re lucky, these will give you that Marcello Mastroianni look. In any case, they’re cool, but subtle and flattering on most everyone.

Classic wire frames – Be sure to get a pair that aren’t too small and fit your face well, but if you get the right size, these are a fine eyewear option.

Horn rims – Cool in the same Ivy League-way that web belts and suede bucks are cool. The Warby Parker style is the one I wear most of the time. These shades are definitely always in style.

Persol 714 – This is the classic folding tortoise shell model that Steve McQueen made famous. Not much more needs to be said.

Wayfarers – Maybe “Risky Business” killed these for you, but they have to make the list. I have to say that you may need them for sports, but the blade style really doesn’t do it for me. They certainly don’t fit with the casual mens clothing that we sell, so I recommend keeping those on the shelf if you’re not biking, running or doing something very active.

Wrap-arounds – There are more bad ones than good ones and they’re a bit more overt than the other styles I’ve mentioned, but unquestionably cool.

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