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Christmas Gifts for the Man in Your Life

Posted on 04. Dec, 2017 by in Lifestyle - General, Men's Accessories

Great Steak Knives

Most guys like steak, and, if they’re like me, they don’t like crummy steak knives.  There isn’t that much kitchen gear that men get excited about, but top-notch steak knives are worth having.  These are from La Cote.  They have unique assorted wooden handles, are great to hold and you could shave with them.steak knives

Filson Wool Watch Cap

I’m certain that I look bad in almost any headwear, but when it’s cold, it’s cold.  This is a sturdy, warm, classic watch cap and it’s long enough.  I only wear mine under extreme circumstances or when I take the dogs out early in the morning when no one else is up, but it does the job.knit cap filsonSamsung Frame TV

I’m not such a techie, but this is going to solve a serious problem for me.  We’re remodeling our family room and my wife thinks a television will be unsightly in a pretty new room.  I, on the other hand, think TVs are great for, well, watching TV.  When you turn this off, it becomes a framed, matted piece of artwork.  I wouldn’t call that unsightly.  It’s available in 43”, 55” and 65” sizes.  Now I don’t have to find some miniature shiplap-covered electric garage door to cover the television.

samsung picture frame tv

Fire Pit

This is a relatively small, portable, wood-burning model from a great outdoor stove company.  There are endless varieties, including handy gas-burning models.  I grew up in a small town where, back in the day, you could burn anything you wanted to.  I was a mild pyromaniac and I don’t think I’ve completely kicked it.  I love to sit in front of a fire.


Whiskey Glasses

Good whiskey should be drunk from good glasses.  There are elegant ones with cut designs in them and there are goofy ones that sit at an angle.  They call these “melted whiskey glasses” and I think they’re cool and casual.  Not expensive, but they still give a sense of occasion when you break out the good whiskey.

whisky glass

Sonos Home Audio

These guys make all kinds of cool stuff so that you can have high-quality sound anywhere you want it inside your home.  The central unit can play music from any source and send it to wireless speakers wherever you want to listen.  They also make components for surround sound, etc. for your TVs.  There are some really exotic brands of this kind of gear, but Sonos gear works very well and looks cool.  Did I say I wasn’t much of a techie?  I love this.

audio systemDown Sweater

This is the term the outdoor industry has coined for these lightweight down jackets for in-between weather.  I own this one by Rab and I wear it all the time.  It’s pretty warm, light as a feather (get it?) doesn’t look too much like you’re about to go ice climbing, which I’m certainly not.

down sweater jacket

Casual Winter Gloves

While we’re on the subject of staying warm while looking cool, most of us are dressing up less, so ritzy gloves don’t work.  These are by Hestra and, probably because of the tan leather, don’t look just like ski gloves. They have a velcro cuff and they’re warm enough for most winter weather.  They also fit, which can’t be said about all gloves.



Now here’s something that fits into the boring, typical Christmas gift category, but everyone needs a good pair of slippers.  These, made by Ugg, are warm and very comfortable and they have rubber soles, so you can wear them out in the yard without wrecking them.  I wish I could tell you something really exciting or innovative about them.  Sorry.


Tactical Flashlight

These new small flashlights are bright as could be and handy to carry around.  Every car in my garage has one in the glovebox.  This one is made by Fenix which is a really good brand.  I’ve tried them all and about the most tactical thing I do with them is shine them at the coyotes in my yard before I let the dogs out.  Still, I like having them around.

flashlightGentlemen’s Fidget Toy

This is a captivating little top made by a Canadian company called Forever Spin.  If you get it just right, it will spin for around four minutes.  The tops come in a bunch of different metals from titanium to tungsten and the base is some kind of glass that’s slightly dished so that the top stays in the middle.  Something to do when you’re tired of being productive.


Online Guitar Lessons

Fender Play is a monthly online subscription that will teach you to play the guitar.  Probably, like diets and most other things, it works if you actually do it.  I have an old Telecaster sitting around, so I may give it a whirl.  If it requires musical talent, that will be too bad for me.

fender play guitar lesson



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