Grass Fed Beef

Posted on 26. Aug, 2013 by in Food and Wine

I never gave much thought to grass fed beef, although I give plenty of thought to beef in general.  I love burgers and steak and only under duress do I try to eat healthy as often as I should.  I have a good friend, Bob Taylor, who owns a ranch in Wyoming and has started a grass fed beef operation.  The other day I got a call saying there were 150 pounds of beef waiting for me at a nearby meat locker.  I assumed, correctly, that this had come from my friend Bob.  I called him to thank him and he started to warn me that this beef might take some getting used to as it had a stronger taste than grain fed beef.  I doubted this would be a problem for me as I like deer and elk a lot, which some people don’t care for.  In fact, I love the beef he sent and I don’t really notice anything unusual about it other than it is very flavorful despite being quite lean.  Rather than eat double cheeseburgers every morning for breakfast (150 pounds of beef is a lot), I’ve given quite a bit of it away and everyone seems to really like it.  The steaks and roasts are also delicious.  I’ve read that a grass fed sirloin steak has one third to one half the fat content of a grain fed steak.  Not what I lie awake at night thinking about, but a nice side benefit.  You might want to give it a try.  I believe it’s available at some of the specialty grocery stores and meat markets.  Here’s a link to get the inside scoop;

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